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Leslie Watson was recommended by Gary Balke to teach English as a Second Language in the Fowlerville Community Schools. His Chinese daughter, Sasha, had arrived in the Summer of 2006 and came to me for tutoring in English. When she enrolled in the fall, they didn't have an ESL teacher, so the Balkes convinced the schools to have me continue teaching and encouraging their daughter who was in the 5th grade.

It was a wonderful experience because I also began helping two other Chinese children at the Natalie Kreeger Elementary School.

The children's father and mother own the China Gourmet Restaurant in Fowlerville, MI.

I taught the children explicit phonics, reading and writing skills, and manuscript writing. They were shy children that gained the confidence needed to be more understanding of what others were saying and able to follow instructions. I took Clifford, the Big Red Dog, and Leap Pads and stories for the children to use at home to spark their love for reading.

I admire the dedication of the Fowlerville Community to the children's education at every level. The principals, teachers, and administrators are among the finest people you will ever meet!

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