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Leslie and Bill with the Mystic Shake Band in the background.

Photo © Lynn DT Hershberger Hefferan

January 13, 2006 Lansing, Michigan at the Cappuccino Cafe - When Leslie and I first met, one of the things that she shared with me was her love for the music of the band Mystic Shake. I found their music to be intriguing and it surprised me that Leslie had selected some of their song to send to me. This night one of her close friends invited us to meet her at the cafe for some coffee and to hear the band. Ben Hassenger of the band recognize Leslie the minute she walked in and got a table right up front. He even knew that she had been to China in the past.

It took me a little time to warm up to the loose - audience participation style - but after sitting less than 2 feet from the stage for several hours, I can say that a great portion of their music in indelibly and permanently imprinted on my brain. We had a great time Ben!

I had not brought my camera so I asked Lynn to take a picture and send it to me - she followed through - thanks Lynn!



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