Meet Michigan Spring 2006  William R. Eubank

May 9 -11, 2006

Disciplinary Focus: Arts, Humanities, Ethnicity, Culture and Cultural Economic Development

"The Spring 2006 Meet Michigan Traveling Seminar, now in its fifteenth successful year at MSU, will offer on-site visits and presenters with expertise in the arts, humanities, ethnicity and culture. Meet Michigan features a broadly-defined disciplinary focus that rotates each year. This year’s program is designed for participants whose work focuses on and supports the themes of arts, humanities, ethnicity and culture, cultural economic development, urban redevelopment and/or public policy. Spaces will be available for 30 MSU faculty, specialists and librarians with continuing appointments and 10 doctoral candidates from the designated disciplines or those whose work relates to the disciplinary foci. This year’s itinerary was developed by the Office of Faculty and Organizational Development in collaboration with Kurt Dewhurst , Chair, MSU Cultural Engagement Council and Director, MSU Museum. "

"The tour itinerary will include a wide variety of research sites, cultural centers, and university-community partners. In this revised format, we will highlight needs and opportunities for collaboration throughout the state and how MSU engages in diverse outreach programs in the arts, ethnicity, culture, humanities and cultural economic development. Participants will hear short presentations by MSU faculty and others engaged in field research and interact with MSU staff and other on-site persons, including funding officers and government officials. Presenters will also describe the impact of engagement in outreach programs on their research agendas and careers. "

Themes and Topics

      • Emerging Art Centers in Michigan
      • Humanities in Michigan
      • Culture Within Communities
      • Michigan ’s Diverse Populations
      • Cool Cities Initiative
      • Cultural Economic Development
      • Urban Redevelopment
      • Public Policy Challenges in Michigan
      • MSU and Foundations
      • MSU and State Government
      • Opportunities for MSU Researchers Across Michigan
      • MSU and Corporations
      • Institutional Collaborations
      • Community-University Collaborations



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