READ 50-125 ,



随着全球经济一体化的进程,英语也变的越来越重要。尤以中国为甚。越来越多的中国人在学英语。。时间精力都投入了不少,可是效果不显著。原因当然有很多,其中之一的很重要的原因是所用的教材没能焕发起学习者的兴趣。幸运的是我碰到了READ 50-125 这套书。



我是去年来MSU 做访问学者的。 在此之前我是山西财经大学的英语老师。我12岁的儿子也与我一起来到了美国。来时他的英语是白纸一张。当他拿到这套书时,他的英语已经有了很大的进步,这也是他能独立使用这套书的基础。他发现这套书很有趣。50 个词汇的文章简短,有趣,内容丰富多彩。 他说,“读起来轻松,而后面的练习则能有效地加深对课文的理解和词汇的记忆。让我在轻松的环境中学到了该学的东西。我喜欢。”



而我作为一个教授英语的老师,我深深感到兴趣在学习中的重要性。有了兴趣就有了动力,有了动力,一切才会成功。这也是我从这套书中的最大收获。 我确信,当每个英语老师都认识到这一点,并积极寻找和开发学习者的兴趣,英语学习就不再是枯燥无味,令老师和学生都沮丧的事情了。我们从中收益很多,希望这样的好书多多出版。



但是如果书中出现的文章内容能够衔接一致,只是根据级别不同而词汇和信息量不同的话,学习这就更容易兴趣地,连贯性地学习了。比如说,75中有一篇文章是关于尼压加拉大瀑布的,我儿子很感兴趣,急于想多知道一些,如果同样的文章能在案100 125 中继续出现,那是很好的。



READ 50-125,


With the globalization, the English language has become more important all over the world.  Each day there are millions of people learning English as second language particularly in China.  There are so many people who are eager to have a good command of English. They devote much of their energy and money to learning this language. Unfortunately, they only find it frustrating and difficult for them to get a good command of this number one language in the world. So we have to ask ourselves what have caused this difficulty?


In my opinion, one of the most important factors is that the learners do not have  books which can arouse their interest in learning the language. Fortunately, we now have the READ 50-125 series.


I am a visiting scholar at Michigan Sate University in the Visiting International Professional Program, who came here August 2005. I am an associate professor of  English as Second Language in Shanxi University of Finance and Economics in China. My son of 12 came along with me and he did not know any English except the 26 English letters when he arrived. By May of 2006, when he got this set of books, his English had improved a lot, which enables him use the books by himself. He feels that it is easy for him to do the READ 50. The articles were so interesting that he liked to read all of them and he is eager to move on to the Read 75. The Read 75, is a little difficult but still interesting, and he likes the challenge.  He keeps telling me: “Mom, all the articles are interesting, every time when I finish reading the articles, I look forward to doing the exercises afterwards. The exercises help me understand what I just learned and make the vocabulary easier for me to learn. I have learned a great deal happily and easily. I like these books.”


As a language teacher, I think these books successfully arouse the learners’ interest in learning and all the exercises help the learners acquire what they should subconsciously, such as vocabulary and grammar. Vocabulary and grammar are supposed to be so boring and so hard for the learners to get but not with this series.  All teachers know that interest is the most important factor in learning, it motivates students to be successful. What I have learned from these books is that teachers should get high interest books and let the students use them. It makes teaching a pleasure.  I am so proud of my son when I am watch him use these books and make such rapid progress.


My main suggestion is that I think it would be better for the learners if the books provided similar articles on different levels of the books according to the vocabulary and grade for the readers. For example, my son found the first article in Read 75 really appealing. He wants to know more about the Niagara Fall, so if a more advanced article could appear in Read 100 and Read 125 on the same topic, I think it would build on the previous knowledge and give the learner something to look forward to.


Li, Hongli