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asher James J. Asher, Ph.D James Asher is known internationally as the originator of The Total Physical Response (TPR). He has demonstrated this powerful tool in almost every state in America in hundreds of elementary schools, high schools and universities from Stanford to New York University, from the University of Alaska to the University of Hawaii and Cambridge University in England. Recently he made presentations to educators in Seoul, Korea and, at the request of the American Embassy, in the Turkish cities of Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara.

Dr. Asher is a prize-winning instructor, writer and researcher. In 1992-93 he was honored as the Outstanding Professor at San Jose State University, which was established in 1857 and is the oldest public university in California. His groundbreaking research into a "comprehension first" approach was supported by grants from The Office of Education, The Office of Naval Research, The Defense Department, and the State of California.


How to apply the Total Physical Response (TPR) for best results

Saturday, September 24
10:15-12:00 am

Dr. Asher will explore:

  • How to apply TPR for best results with students of all ages
  • Why TPR is a powerful tool at every level of second language instruction.
  • Why TPR is successful with students of all ages and all languages including the sign language of the deaf and the language of mathematics.
  • How TPR is an example of "brain compatible" instruction that helps students acquire instant understanding of any target language.
  • Why TPR is a self-confidence builder for both students and instructors.

    Be prepared to participate in "live" demonstrations with languages such as Arabic and Spanish, and in a lively question-and-answer session. Bring your Asher books with you for a book-signing at the end of the workshop.

    William Eubank, Elizabeth Bigler, and
    James > Asher

    To get ready for this exciting TPR workshop, click on and then click on About TPR and TPRS. Also, dozens of how-to-do-it TPR books including those recommended above can be purchased at the same website.

    Recommended follow-up reading:

  • TPR Starter Kit:

    Asher, J. J.: Learning Another Language Through Actions
    Garcia, Ramiro: Instructor's Notebook: How to apply TPR for best results
    Garcia, Ramiro: Instructor's Notebook: Homework Exercises


Judy B. Gilbert has an M.A. in linguistics from the University of California at Davis, and a teaching credential in bilingual education at the secondary level. She taught pronunciation for many years and now concentrates on writing and giving workshops. Her special interests are 1) kinesthetic and visual approaches to teaching pronunciation, 2) the relationship between pronunciation and listening comprehension, and 3) the connection between pronunciation and literacy. She is the author of Clear Speech from the Start, (2001), Clear Speech, (3rd edition, 2005) and is co-author of Speaking Clearly (1999, British edition), all from Cambridge University Press.

Simplicity Is The Key: Priorities For Teaching Pronunciation At All Levels

Thursday, September 22
1:00 to 4:00 pm

Students at all levels need to acquire the same basic equipment for effective communication in spoken English. This workshop will present some core concepts that can make teaching pronunciation simple and effective for both low and high-intermediate level classes. Special attention will be devoted to these topics: syllable number; linking; word stress; sentence emphasis; differentiation of the consonants that give grammar cues; and simple rules to help students guess the pronunciation of spelling. Session participants will practice a variety of tasks for teaching these concepts at different levels.

Judy K. Gilbert and Leslie Eubank spent about an hour over lunch visiting.

Dave Sperling is the creator of one of the most popular ESL/EFL websites on the Internet, Dave's ESL Cafe, which received millions of hits each month from students and teachers from more than 150 different countries throughout the world.  He is also the author of three Internet books, The Internet Guide for English Language Teachers, Dave Sperling's Internet Guide, and Dave Sperling's Internet Activity Workbook.

Dave's passion for teaching began in Asia, where he spent 10 years teaching EFL in Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. In 1992 he returned to the US to complete his MA in Applied Linguistics/TESL at California State University, Northridge, where he also taught ESL in the Intensive English Program until 1999. Dave lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children, where he runs Dave's ESL Cafe full-time.


The Power of Using the Internet in English Language Teaching

Dave Sperling will discuss the powerful and exciting possibilities in using technology in the ESL classroom, as well as the challenges facing teachers in the 21st century.


Elements of a Successful Internet EFL Activity

Dave Sperling will discuss how teachers can create successful EFL Internet activities for the classroom, computer lab, and homework assignments, with highlights from his book Dave Sperling's Internet Activity Workbook.



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