William R. Eubank

Rapid loading web sites - heavy in content - accessible and viewable under every major type of browser / all versions are my style.

I have worked online10 to 18 hours per day, seven days per week (with six weeks of vacation) since June 1, 1995. I currently work on six different servers located in Kansas City, Overland Park, Virginia, Florida and California. In the past, I have worked on computers in Alaska and Texas from my home in Raytown.

Since January 1998 I have worked extensively on UNIX machines. I have set up cgi password protected sites for Consensus, random image programs, web BBS programs, web calendars, coupon upload programs, tests & surveys, mail back forms, secure forms, and shopping cart programs for various sites listed below.

My interests are reflected in my web work. I have been a teacher since 1968 -- Kansas (3 months), Alaska (20 years), People's Republic of China (3 years), Hong Kong (6 months), Texas (4 years), Mexico (2 months) and Argentina (1 month).

HOME PAGES (250+) & DEVELOPED PAGES (100,000+) - World Wide Web
Much of the recent work has been in cooperation with graphic designers and other web developers.
Offset = major subdivision of a website.

 11-06 Mini-Fantasies of Kansas City            http://www.miniaturefantasieskc.org 
10-06 China Gourmet 2004 http://www.chinagourmet2004.com
09-06 Long's Canoe Livery http://www.longscanoelivery.com
06-06 Kiwanis Okemos http://www.kiwanisokemos.com/ 06-06 Smart Teacher Smart Kid of Michigan LLC http://www.SmartTeacherSmartKidOfMichiganLLC.com
06-05 GingersnapLane.com
06-04 Pro Lingua Associates http://www.ProLinguaAssociates.com 06-02 MAC2.org http://www.MAC2.org 05/11 Bob McKelvey - Artist http://www.BobMcKelvey.com 05/10 DAE-Services.biz http://www.DAE-Services.biz 05-08 Rabbit River Trading Company http://www.RabbitRiver.com 05-08 US-China Educational Exchange http://www.US-ChinaEdu.com 05-07 Will Pardee Mouth Stick Artist http://www.WillPardee.com
05-06 Eubank Tutors http://www.EubankTutors.com 05/05 Mid-Michigan Orthopaedic Institute http://www.mmoi.net 05/04 Fiber Alchemy http://www.FiberAlchemy.com 05/01 Fellowship of Christian Internationals and Friends http://www.trinityfcif.org 04-12 Word Ministries, Inc. http://www.wmicares.com 04-11 Leslie Kay Watson http://www.leslie2k.com 04-10 Community Volunteers International http://www.isp.msu.edu/cvip 04-09 Watson Rentals http://www.Watson-Rentals.com 04-06 West Lakes Hy-Vee Catering http://www.westlakeshyveecatering.com/ 03-12 Anthony Benton Gude http://www.anthonybentongude.com/ 03-11 Else Grace's http://www.elsiegraces.com/ 03-10 Frankfort Area News http://www.frankfortareanews.com/ 03-06 AVCAD http://www.AVCAD.com 03-03 PARSK Gifts Of Iran 03-03 PARSK Gifts Of Persia 03-02 Go Coating 03-01 Pilgrims Process http://www.PilgrimsProcess.com 03-01 C-124 Globemaster http://www.c-124globemaster.com 02-12 K.C. Denture Clinic http://www.KCDentureClinic.com 02-12 Constellation Yachts http://www.ConstellationYachts.com 02-12 Sail Beluga http://www.SailBeluga.com
02-11 Multihull Technologies Inc. http://www.MultihullTechnologies.com
02-11 Rustic Schooner http://www.RusticSchooner.com
02-10 Non-Toxic Antifouling Coatings 02-09 New Nautical Coatings
02-08 AntiFouling
02-08 Boat Bottoms
02-04 William Mixson
02-03 Cain Genes http://www.CainGenes.com
02-02 Glass Wax 02-01 Ron Barrett *http://www.RonBarrett.com 02-01 Catering On Grand 01-12 DAE-Services http://www.DAE-Services.com
01-12 My Norfolk HyVee 01-11 Aaron's Family Fun Center http://www.AaronsFamilyFunCenter.com 01-11 ATC Glass 01-10 ADSIL Advanced Silane 01-06 Dent Wizard** http://www.DentWizard.com 01-02 Paradise Valley Farm http://www.ParadiseValleyFarm.com 01-01 LWP-Remodeling *http://www.LWP-Remodeling.com 01-01 LeVic Plastics http://www.LeVicPlastics.com 01-01 LeVic http://www.LeVic.com 01-01 Plastic Injection Molds http://www.PlasticInjectionMolds.com 01-01 Urbandale Hy-Vee Catering *http://www.urbandalehyveecatering.com 2k-11 Unga Corporation 2k-08 RadixRx** http://www.RadixRx.com 2k-08 Brooksideshops.com** http://www.brooksideshops.com 2k-08 Med4Home** http://www.Med4Home.com 2k-08 14 Des Moines Area Hy-Vee Stores *http://www.Hy-Vee-Stores.net/Ia/DesMoines 2k-02 National Medical War Memorial 2k-01 Cold War Warrior** 99-12 Orion Fittings 99-11 Blue Ridge Bank and Trust http://www.brbt.com 99-11 Dr. Will R. Eubank MD Parents Dr. & Mrs. Will R. Eubank 99-10 Santa Fe Railway .org 99-08 KCXL Radio Free Liberty http://www.kcxl.com 99-06 Gisela Liess, A.S.I.D. Interior Design 99-03 The Soap & Water Company F98-12 Donald Edward Eubank Son Donald E. Eubank V98-12 Kansas City Variety Club *http://www.KCVarietyClub.org/ 98-10 Williams Foods Inc. @ Hy-Vee 98-09 Carl Buddig @ Hy-Vee 98-08 Hy-Vee-Stores Net *http://www.Hy-Vee-Stores.net/ 98-07 Eubank Family Secure Site Eubank Secure 98-05 Farmland @ Hy-Vee 98-05 Boyle's @ Hy-Vee F98-04 Adelaide L. Eubank Currier Sister Adelaide L. Eubank Currier F97-12 Eubank Family Web Family Gateway *http://www.Eubank-Web.com/ 97-12 Investors Co-op http://www.InvestorsCo-op.com/ F97-12 Donald A. Eubank Brother Donald A. Eubank 97-05 Missouri Red Cross Missouri Red Cross Chapters V97-04 MIDTESOL *http://www.MidTESOL.org/ 97-04 Consensus Bookstore 97-04 Kahn Steel http://www.KahnSteel.com/ 97-03 Frank Reese, Bronze Sculptor http://www.usastores.com/Reese/ 97-03 Consensus http://www.consensus-inc.com/ 96-11 Lift Equipment# http://www.liftlink.com/ 96-09 Asphalt Contractor# http://www.asphalt.com/ C96-08 Bidworld (English, Chinese, Russian, Polish, French and Spanish) 96-06 Police Academy 96-05 Super Imports 96-05 David Basse & City Light Orchestra 96-04 Morgan Consulting V96-03 Pete Chaston's Doowop Show V96-04 Santa Fe Railway Historical Society http://www.ATSFRR.com/ 96-03 Hy-Vee-Stores Com V96-03 Rotary InterDistrict Teacher Exchange *http://www.RITE-Teacher.com/ (English, Spanish) V96-03 K.C. Red Cross Kansas City Chapter V95-12 infoZine - writer, html formatting http://www.infoZine.com/ P95-12 William R. Eubank *http://www.Eubank-Web.com/William/ (English, some Chinese and Vietnamese)

Notes: C=company related, D=demonstration, V=volunteer, P/F Personal-Family *=still actively working on

#Asphalt Contractor, Lift Link and Soil & Groundwater Cleanup, were located on servers operated by Computer Training Corporation between September 1996 and into the first quarter of 1997. During that time period, I worked extensively with Susan Parker, on-line editor for those publications in site design, layout and graphic productions. Websites can be relocated and can be remade over. All of my web pages are clearly branded with my name and logo both on the visible page and within the underlying code.

Other occupations include: policeman (5 years), ad salesman for a newspaper (3 years - college), U.S. census taker, store keeper (5 years), car salesman, propane dealer, contractor (over 5 years, 30 units of apartments, two stores, one service station), politician (over 10 years - local, regional & state positions), and a writer (text books, articles, html). I have always had two or three major irons in the fire at any one time.

I am a strong believer in volunteerism - the positions in China, Hong Kong, Mexico and Argentina were all unpaid. All political offices were unpaid. Current volunteer activities involve MidTESOL, Rotary InterDistrict Teacher Exchange, and the Santa Fe Railway Historical and Modeling Society.

At this time I am living in the Raytown area to assist in elder care with a house bound parent. I keep up my interest in education by making one day conference presentations on T.E.S.L. (Teaching English as a Second Language - fourteen presentations in Texas, Missouri and Iowa in recent years) and work on the Rotary InterDistrict Teacher Exchange program (June 1996 - 30 days in Buenos Aires, Argentina).

If you have any need for additional web site services please feel free to contact me. I do most of my web work on servers owned by:

U.S.A. Stores
610 West Maple Ave, Suite WWW
Independence, MO 64050
(816) 252-4080

Thank you for this opportunity on the cyber frontier.


William R. Eubank